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Now there is an alternative to harmful chemical poison and traps – Pest Free!

Plug In Pest-Freec units, when switched on, the soundwave effectively affects the rodents like a car alarm does to me and you and therefore they will not remain in the area whilst this sound wave is active, as long as your property has electricity running through your cabling that the Pest Free plug-in unit can pick up from your sockets. It works by altering the existing electro-magnetic field in your property. It produces short bursts or 'pulses' of electromotive force effectively modulating the existing electromagnetic field in your property. While undetectable to humans or pets it drives mice and rats from their hiding places and out of your home or business premises. Unfortunately, we are not electrical engineers with regards to your properties electrical cabling set up but we hope this explains about the product we offer to help you drive the rodents away from your property. The product will not work outside in the open.

You may wish to use a Pest Free unit to cover one floor with the activity however this could mean that the activity may possibly move to a non-protected area of your property, but not always. It is trial and error at first. However we recommend that you plug a unit into a central socket on each floor of your property. The Domestic units cover up to 200sq meters while the Pro covers 350, however this is all dependent on your cable runs. While trying to evict the rodents initially we recommend that you leave lights on 24/7 where possible to maximise coverage as the electromagnetic wave is caused by your existing electrical current and our unit only changes this frequency.

Pest Free goes to work immediately when switched on and should be left on 24/7. As most mice & rats nest within wall voids / cavaties, Pest Free is especially effective reaching inaccessible areas. Pest Free does not need to reach all parts of a room, as mice & rats do not nest in open room space, preferring to remain hidden & out of reach. i.e. in lofts and basements. If you don't have much electrical cabling in your loft then you can effectively extend it by plugging in an extension lead/cabling and then laying this around your loft / affected area. You need to draw a current along this extension lead by plugging something into its end (a plug in night light is ideal but anything will do as long as turned on and left on).

Remember, Pest Free does not create its own electro magnetic field; it simply uses the field that already exists in your buildings electrical wiring that is created when you turn on your appliances and lights etc.

One Pest Free unit is much more cost effective than calling the local Pest Controller, and you only have to pay us once; no return visits or continuing costs. The small percentage of customers that the product hasn't worked was due to the lack of electricity or cabling in their property/garage/shed which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee as we appreciate that not all properties are set up effectively for the product to work as it is designed to do.


We hope this explains how the Pest Free product works

give it a go and see if it can help you with your Pest situation?



They've Gone

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product. I was infested with mice in the kitchen for many weeks - tried traps and poison - no success. Then they began to run about in the LOUNGE! In the bedroom! On the furniture while we were there!!! I sent for one of your products, plugged it in, and they were GONE! That was months ago. Thank you SO much.

Sharon (26th February 2015)
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Pest Free is not an Ultrasonic product
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How Long Does Plug-In Pest Free Last?

Plug-In Pest Free is guaranteed for 2 years against faulty parts and manufacture faults.
Plug-In Pest Free Domestic and Pro Units come with a 30 day money back Guarantee.
Plug-In Pest Free Commercial Units comes with a 60 day money back Guarantee.
Original Pest Free units installed 10 years ago are still working, so we are confident you will have many years of trouble free operation

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