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Published News Article Extract: Hansen, J. (2015, September 20).

Pesticide Exposure Increases Cancer Risk. The Sunday Telegraph, p. 38.

Parents are being advised to limit their children’s exposure to indoor pesticides off the back of new research that shows low levels of household pesticides may increase the risk of developing some childhood cancers.

Harvard Scholl of Public Health Researchers reviewed 16 studies done since the 1990s examining the effect of low level pesticide exposure and found a small but “ Significant Increase in Risk of Childhood Leukaemia and Lymphoma.”    We don’t know how much exposure it takes or if there’s a critical window in development, Associate Professor Chensheng Lu said.  Is the window during Pregnancy? Or even before Pregnancy?

For the study, Lu and his colleagues examined the results from 16 international studies done between 1993 and 2013. All studies compared children with cancer to other healthy children. The study, published in Paediatrics, found children were more susceptible to exposure when they played on treated surfaces and then put their fingers in their mouths. The children also had respiratory, stomach, nerve and hormone problems

tied to pesticides.  Terry Slevin chair of the Cancer Council’s Occupational and Environmental Cancer Committee, said parents should take a cautious approach when using Pesticides and Herbicides around the home.

It’s a good idea to minimise exposure---these Chemicals are Designed to Kill Living Organisms. We need to reinforce caution when using Chemicals that are designed to Kill Things, they are poisonous to these organisms so it is wise to assume they won’t be good for Human’s, Mr. Slevin said.  The research found children exposed to pesticides were One and a Half times more likely to develop cancer.


 6:00AM, THU 26 JUN 2014 

Invincible super rats sweeping across the UK

- last updated Thu 26 Jun 2014

The genetic tests have shown that rodents have now developed a mutation. 

The genetic tests have shown that rodents have now developed a mutation. Credit: PA

New evidence uncovered by the University of Huddersfield shows that rats across large swathes of Britain have now genetically evolved to withstand commonly available poisons.

The research found that some towns had rats that were 100% resistant to over-the-counter poisons.

The findings were shown on the Tonight programme on ITV (available on ITV Player)

Rats across Britain are increasingly becoming resistant to poison.

Rats across Britain are increasingly becoming resistant to poison. Credit: Peter Jordan/PA

Rats have long been considered deadly pests - spreading disease, damaging food stocks and damaging homes.

They are carriers of potentially fatal illnesses like Weil’s disease, Lassa fever and bubonic plague to name but a few.

Genetic tests conducted by the university have shown that rats have developed a mutation that allows them to survive commonly available poisons such as Bromadiolone and Difenacoum.

Professional quality poisons are able to kill the rats but these cannot be used outdoors without a special license and are potentially damaging to wildlife and the environment.

Such stronger poisons could affect harvest mice, birds of prey, and even domestic pets.

We're using the same group of chemicals over and over again, resistance will build up, so the UK, but also many other parts of the world, are suffering from this phenomenon of resistance development.


Disused houses can make the perfect home for rats.Disused houses can make the perfect home for rats. Credit: PA Images

Dr Dougie Clarke at the University of Huddersfield says the rise in super rats has become a "time bomb" built up over generations of rats.

He said:

I think people should be concerned about these rats and these resistant rats because of public health concerns.

They carry disease and various other bacteria and viruses - and they also damage buildings and they also eat grains and storage and agriculture.

They cost billions of pounds of damage worldwide.

It's a sort time bomb of resistance building up over generations of rats.


Rats are a common sight in London, but they are becoming more invincible.

Rats are a common sight in London, but they are becoming more invincible. Credit: Peter Jordan/PA

The maximum life span of a rat is three years, but most in the wild would be lucky if they manage one.



Mutant sewer rats 'to invade London homes'

Londoners could be confronted by mutant sewer rats in their home, with recent heavy rain reportedly forcing them to seek shelter.

The rodents have already caused havoc in rural places by accessing lofts and warm areas in properties. The rats, which have reportedly mutated to be immune to the majority of poisons, could now be ready to surface in the capital, with heavy downpours predicted over the next few days.

Pest controllers are saying the vermin are looking for somewhere dry to stay. ‘Rodents have also had to abandon their homes as rivers overflow their banks, sewers flood and allotments, parks and other grounds become waterlogged,’ it said.

A spokeswoman for the British Pest Control Association confirmed calls to exterminators had increased. 

Sewer rats can measure up to 10 inches long and weigh 350g, with a couple able to produce 200 babies in 12 months.

A NEW breed of poison-resistant "super rat" is spreading across the UK.

The rats look like normal rats but cannot be killed by regular poison pellets and eat them "like feed".

The disease-carrying rats are taking over other rat populations, experts say. They have been spotted in Kent and Sussex in the southeast of the country and the West Country in the southwest, the International Business Times reports.

The rats have also reportedly been sighted further north in Oxford and Berkshire, sparking fears that they are spreading. Pest controllers want to use more lethal poisons in order to stop the rats travelling further but are facing resistance from authorities.

Richard Moseley from the British Pest Control Association said: "Normal rats are being killed off by poison, so these resistant species are taking their place - it's only natural that their numbers are expanding. "But they're being found further afield than previously anticipated. "They eat poison like feed, you might as well be leaving out grain for them."

Dr Dougie Clarke, from the University of Huddersfield, said even poisons used by pest control experts were not strong enough to kill them. "There are obviously health concerns and worries about the bacteria they carry, such as salmonella," Dr Clarke said. "They carry a lot of diseases, including Weil's, which has been linked to deaths. They also chew on electrical cables."

But pest controllers' bids to use stronger poisons have so far been denied by the Health and Safety Executive because there are fears they will damage the environment and kill other wildlife.


Simply because a pesticide is available for sale doesn’t mean it is safe. Numerous now banned pesticides were once thought to be safe to use, but have since been implicated in causing health issues.

There are many reasons why young children are most at risk from exposure to hazardous chemicals, not just because they are closer to the ground or because they tend to put things in their mouths. The down side of keeping your home pest-free is that chemical residues can linger in the air and soil, and on floors, carpets and indoor surfaces, where we can breathe them in or absorb them through the skin. Some chemicals can have immediate and acute poisoning effects, while others can accumulate and remain in our bodies for years.

History shows a consistent failure of regulatory authorities to prevent the contamination of the environment and human heal by products said to be safe such as Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Dioxins, DDT, Dieldrin and other Persistent Organic Pollutants. These products were not (and are still not in many cases) withdrawn until decades after good scientific evidence was presented to demonstrate their damage.

Regulatory authorities around the world seem to be ignoring a large body of published science showing that the current methods of determining the safety of the agricultural poisons are grossly inadequate.

Our Regulatory approach needs to change. “Current regulatory practices give the chemical manufacturers the benefit of the doubt” Substances can be removed from the market only if their health impacts can be demonstrated with scientific certainty. This burden of proof needs to be shifted as products should not be allowed on the market until they can be proven safe.


They invade homes and businesses for Warmth Shelter & Food and they can create damage and disease through contact with their Fur, Urine and Droppings.

They transfer diseases by contaminating food preparation areas and utensils, and the most alarming is their capacity to cause electrical fires by gnawing on electrical wiring, as the nest in roof ceilings, and wall cavities. It is a proven fact that a considerable amount of Electrical House Fires throughout the world are caused by Rats every year.

Rats are prolific breeders and each litter consists of 6 to 8 young and this means infestations can increase rapidly in a home or business where they are left to stay, if they are not forced from the premises environment. Pest Free has proven since January 1995 our Chemical Free Solution is by far the best and we are sure you will agree that the best way to keep rodents away from your environment, is to change that environment.

Pest Free alters what is normally a friendly environment for rodents into a hostile environment, with our Patented and Scientifically Tested Proven State of Art technology. Without jeopardizing the health of your family staff or customers by having to use the Old on Going traditional Toxic, Poisonous and Hazardous Chemical Treatments, by Pest Controllers. Chemicals & Bait treatments by Pest Controllers only create dead bodies & foul odours throughout your Home or Business & that is not HEALTHY!

Plug-In Pest Free is the way of the Future in ridding your home or business of Rats & Mice without the use of Chemicals.