Pest Free Products Ltd - Testimonials

Dr Anna H

Dear Pest Free,
We are impressed! Delivery next working day as advertised. Although, to be fair, we did not have many mice their departure was very quick. Reduced to one mouse within 24 hours, eliminated completely (fingers crossed) within 48 hours! Not often one feels moved to praise rather than complain, but you have really qualified! Thank you! Feel free to use this email as a testimonial.

Best wishes,

Dr Anna H
Switzerland. March 2011


BUPA Hospital Bushey London

Following recent E.H.O visit I wanted to let you know that you’re “Pest Free” seems to have been most beneficial. The areas concerned about are fine now.
You can imagine that in a BUPA Hospital, the last thing we want to have an issue with is Pest Control. The main advantage for us with Pest Free is that we can connect it up and forget about it and that suits me.
DM Service Manager


Andrew D

Although only installed for 48 hours the "Pest Free" appears to have worked on our unwanted guests. In fact, within minutes of plugging in, a clog dance commenced in the bathroom ceiling by something that sounded to be the size of a badger or similar. Andrew D. Nov 2010.
Andrew D


Somerfield Supermarket

"...I can confirm that the Pest Free units have eradicated the rodent problem from sites within 7 days of installation. I have no hesitation in recommending Pest Free electronic units for their effectiveness."
C.H, Central Procurement, Somerfield Stores


Protec Pest and Hygiene Services Ltd. London.

Protec has been in operation since 1982 and over the past 10 years we have noted, with other pest control professionals, an increased difficulty in ridding premises of mice using conventional pest control methods, particularly in central city locations.
The use of traps and glue boards in particular, is emotive and time consuming and expensive when carried out overnight to minimise staff and customer complaints.
We have seen and heard the claims of suppliers and distributors of non-pesticide devices and have tested them with no obvious benefit and our trade association takes action when unsubstantiated claims are made, to protect consumers.
Since we have installed Pest Free units in our customers’ premises, often as a last resort where we have been desperate to maintain confidence with customers, we have noted dramatic reductions in rodent activity, in many cases with no further sightings after the initial settling in period.
There is a clear response to these units when installed in accordance with the Manufacturer’s guidelines. In our experience the effect is long term and we are please to be associated with the Pest Free Organisation in the UK, and we would be happy to discuss their potential where all other methods of rodent control have failed.



Just want to say thank you for the great service.
I ordered my product late on Thursday evening and it turned up first thing Saturday morning.
Have now plugged it in and fingers crossed no more mice.


Mike W

I purchased the unit in June of this year, as we were experiencing rat infestation under the floor boards downstairs and they were running up the cavity wall to upstairs again under the floorboards. In addition they were able to get into the vent hose of the tumble dryer and eat the plasic hose.

After spending much time looking at products in such places as B&Q Homebase and others, plus countless sessions on the internet, with considerable frustration I should say, then I found your website. I received your unit in late June and has been in use for almost 2 months. For 5 weeks now we have been free of rodents and I am delighted with the performance of product.

From my experience the Pest Free Pro is really exceptional value for money. A one off outlay and the problem is solved.

Mike W August 2011



This letter is to verify that PJ’s Restaurant, Convent Garden, has been acquainted with the Pest Free product for the past 8 years.
The Pest Free Company supplied us with the Plug-In Pest Free to deter our mouse problem during the redevelopment of the Royal Opera House project. The system has been a great success and we continue to use the product to this day.
We will continue to have and have in the past recommended the product to other local companies and businesses as well, which have all had great success as well.


They've Gone

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product. I was infested with mice in the kitchen for many weeks - tried traps and poison - no success. Then they began to run about in the LOUNGE! In the bedroom! On the furniture while we were there!!! I sent for one of your products, plugged it in, and they were GONE! That was months ago. Thank you SO much.

Sharon (26th February 2015)