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How many will I need?

1 unit will protect the average 3 bedroom single level home. For larger homes or homes over 2 levels we suggest an additional unit for full protection.

Our Pro Unit, utilising technology and performance characteristics of the Commercial unit, protects up to 400 sq meters and is ideal for larger homes or small cafes / restaurants and small businesses.

Commercial units will cover approximately 1000 sq meters. Please contact us for further information.

How Does Plug-In Pest Free Work?

Pest Free when in operation alters the background of the Existing Electromagnetic Field already contained within a buildings structure. The unit operates by switching a coil across the Active and Neutral leads of the electrical supply wiring. This produces short "Bursts" of electro motive force at 50Hz which feeds down the wiring effectively modulating the existing electromagnetic field created by the 50Hz supply at the frequency of these "Bursts", as the coil is switched "On" and "Off".

Is Plug-In Pest Free Harmful To Pets?

NO, Pest Free will not affect Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, or the Electricity flow in a Building. Plug-In Pest Free is Family Safe, Environmentally Responsible and Long Term Cost Effective and Maintenance Free.

How Long Does Plug-In Pest Free Last?

Plug-In Pest Free is guaranteed for 2 years against faulty parts and manufacture faults.
Plug-In Pest Free Domestic and Pro Units come with a 30 day money back Guarantee.
Plug-In Pest Free Commercial Units comes with a 60 day money back Guarantee.
Original Pest Free units installed 10 years ago are still working, so we are confident you will have many years of trouble free operation

Does Plug-In Pest Free Work?

Yes. Plug-In Pest Free has been Scientifically Tested in a leading University against Rats and Mice.
Independently Tested over a 2 year period by a leading Multi-National Supermarket Company against Rats, Mice and Cockroaches.
Consumer Tested and Accepted since January 1995 against Rats, Mice and Cockroaches.
Consumer Written Testimonials from the UK and across the world confirm Plug-In Pest Free WORKS!

Does Plug-In Pest Free Affect Other Electrical Equipment?

NO, Plug-In Pest Free has no affect what-so-ever on Televisions, Videos, Computers, Fridges or Freezers. However, Plug-In Pest Free should NOT be plugged into the same power socket as a refrigerator as it will affect the Pest Free Unit.

What Happens If the Power gets turned Off?

Plug-In Pest Free will NOT work if it has No Power. In case of a blackout make sure the unit is still operating when power resumes.
We recommend you Plug-In Pest Free Switch on the Power and Forget. Your Plug-In Pest Free works 24/7.

Does It Cost A Lot To Run Plug-In Pest Free?

NO Plug-In Pest Free cost only pennies per month to run.
Plug-In Pest Free will give you years of chemical free service and SAVE YOU MONEY on ongoing toxic chemical treatments

Can I get a discount for extra units?

Looking to purchase more than one unit? Then please see our products page for our Double Deals which offer 20% discount

Somerfield Supermarket

"...I can confirm that the Pest Free units have eradicated the rodent problem from sites within 7 days of installation. I have no hesitation in recommending Pest Free electronic units for their effectiveness."
C.H, Central Procurement, Somerfield Stores

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